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April 17, 2017: Dr. Jerry Benjamin, Dr. Peter Galie and Christopher Bopst

Very few people would say the US Constitution is broken; it’s a revered document.  But New York’s Constitution, like other state constitutions, is another thing entirely – One scholar described it as a “bloated, disorganized 52,500 word behemoth characterized by detritus and disorder.” Even worse, if you spend time reading it, you may come away with, quote: “a massive misunderstanding of the realities of state government”.   So SUNY has just published a book that helps bridge the gap between what the state’s constitution says, and what it actually means in practice.   The book is titled, “New York’s Broken Constitution:  The Governance Crisis and the Path to Renewed Greatness”.  And its editors are a triumvirate of scholars who you have heard before on these airwaves, but not all together so you’re in for  a real treat. 
On today’s show, Susan speaks with 3 of the state’s foremost constitutional experts:
Dr. Peter Galie, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Canisius College
Christopher Bopst, Chief Legal and Financial Officer at Sam-Son Logistics
Dr. Gerry Benjamin, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Political Science, and Director of the Benjamin Center at the State University of New York at New Paltz.
Original air-date: November 18, 2016

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