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Watch ATK All-Time Best Recipes: 20th Anniversary Special Nov. 19 at 9 p.m. on WCNY-TV.
Watch ATK All-Time Best Recipes: 20th Anniversary Special Nov. 23 at 1 p.m. on WCNY-TV.
Watch ATK All-Time Best Recipes: 20th Anniversary Special Dec. 9 at 9 p.m. on WCNY-TV.

ATKTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of the most-watched cooking show on public television, the cast of America’s Test Kitchen is counting down the show’s top 20 recipes of all time. In “ATK All-Time Best Recipes: 20th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL,” we’re keeping the focus on the food that has made the show a fan favorite for 500+ episodes and bringing you closer than ever to the cast that makes it all happen.

Emotional, nostalgic, and (as always) filled to the brim with practical home cooking takeaway, this delicious hour of television features four brand-new recipe segments, new testimonials from every member of the cast (including four of the original Season 1 cast members), behind-the-scenes access to the series that reveals all-new sausage-making secrets, and playful archives from the show’s extensive 20-season catalog.

Over the course of the hour, we present the top 20 recipes one by one in reverse order. Cast members take turns introducing their favorite recipes to cook at home and sharing personal anecdotes that illustrate what each recipe means to them.

The four original cast members—Bridget Lancaster, Julia Collin Davison, Jack Bishop, and Adam Ried—cook their four favorite recipes. That’s right: Twenty seasons was all it took to get Jack and Adam behind the cooktops! We’ll also hear from our fans—this special features touching fan-submitted videos about what ATK means to them and how the show has improved their lives.

ATK All-Time Best Recipes:  20th Anniversary Special 

Talent Bios

Original Cast Members:

juliaJulia Collin Davison is an executive editorial director for America’s Test Kitchen. She is also host of America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country and is an original cast member of both shows, which are two of the highest-rated instructional cooking shows on television. Julia began working as a test cook for Cook’s Illustrated in 1999 and led recipe development for America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks for more than a decade. Julia is a regular guest on The Dr. Oz Show, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, and QVC and has appeared on Fox & Friends and Today. She graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1996, received an Augie Award from the Culinary Institute of America, and was inducted into the prestigious Disciples d’Escoffier Culinary Society in 2018.

bridgetBridget Lancaster is an executive editorial director for America’s Test Kitchen. She’s known to millions of fans as a host of the America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country, which both air on public television. Bridget is also host and producer of Proof, a new podcast from America’s Test Kitchen. She began working as a test cook for Cook’s Illustrated in 1998; she was also part of the launch team for Cook’s Country magazine and led the magazine’s recipe development. Bridget is the lead instructor for America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School and has created hundreds of instructional videos. In her earlier career she cooked in restaurant kitchens in the South and the Northeast, concentrating on pastry. She was inducted into the prestigious Disciples d’Escoffier Culinary Society in 2018.

jackbishopJack Bishop is the chief creative officer of America’s Test Kitchen. He was part of the original team that started America’s Test Kitchen, beginning with the launch of Cook’s Illustrated in 1993. Jack directed the launch of Cook’s Country magazine in 2005 and the building of the company’s book publishing division. He is the tasting lab expert on America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country. Jack leads the creative teams working on the company’s television shows, podcasts, videos, magazines, books, and online cooking school. Jack is the author of several cookbooks, including Vegetables Every Day and The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook.

adamreidAdam Ried is the keeper of the Equipment Corner on America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country. During his 10-year tenure as an editor for Cook’s Illustrated, Adam developed and edited recipes, wrote feature stories, and contributed to many other sections of the magazine, including the popular Quick Tips. Moreover, Adam bore primary responsibility for Cook’s Illustrated’s highly respected kitchen equipment testing and ingredient tasting features. Adam has taught cooking and food writing; written for local, national, and international publications; and consulted for restaurants, kitchen equipment manufacturers, and other food-related businesses. He is a graduate of Macalester College and the culinary certificate program at Boston University.

Additional Cast Members:

keithdresserKeith Dresser is the executive food editor for Cook’s Illustrated, for which he leads the recipe development process. Keith is an on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen and co-manages the back kitchen during filming. He has a culinary degree from New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. Before joining America’s Test Kitchen in 2002, Keith worked in professional kitchens in Boston, Cape Cod, and coastal Maine.

Rebecca (Becky) Hays joined America’s Test Kitchen in 2000 and has worked on various magazine, book, and website projects. She is the deputy editor of Cook’s Illustrated magazine and an on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen. A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, Rebecca specializes in healthful cooking. Prior to her work in publishing, Rebecca spent several years working on a securities trading floor. She holds degrees in economics and French from Fairfield University.

Lan Lam is a senior editor for Cook’s Illustrated magazine, for which she has developed recipes, written feature stories, and contributed to various sections since 2011. As an on-screen test cook, she presents recipes on Cook’s Country. Prior to joining the America’s Test Kitchen family, she learned to cook by working for James Beard Award winners and nominees in Cambridge and Boston. She began her career as a caterer and brunch cook while at Wesleyan University, where she earned a BA in chemistry.

Lisa McManus is an executive editor of equipment testing and ingredient tasting at America’s Test Kitchen, home of Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country magazines. She researches and writes about kitchen gear and food, and she has been the on-screen gadget expert for America’s Test Kitchen since season 10 (2010). Lisa joined America’s Test Kitchen in 2006 after working as a newspaper food editor and a magazine and newspaper journalist in Boston, New York, and Palo Alto, California. She is a graduate of Brown University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

erinmcmurrerErin McMurrer is the test kitchen director of America’s Test Kitchen. She is an on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen and co-manages the back kitchen, where all the food that appears on camera originates. She has also appeared on Cook’s Country. She holds an AOS degree from the Culinary Institute of America. Before joining America’s Test Kitchen in 2001, Erin worked at a variety of restaurants in and around Boston, most notably Hamersley’s Bistro, where she was sous chef.

Elle Simone is a food stylist at America’s Test Kitchen and an on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen. With her creative eye for telling a story with food, she has contributed to Food Network, Food Network Magazine, The Cooking Channel, The Katie Couric Show, CBS Corporation, ABC’s The Chew, and Bravo’s Chef Roble and Co. As the founder of SheChef, Inc., a professional networking organization and social enterprise, Elle provides mentoring to women chefs of color pursuing culinary arts as a career. Elle has been featured in recent stories in the Boston Globe and Forbes and on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and National Public Radio.

dandouzaDan Souza is editor in chief of Cook’s Illustrated. He’s an on-screen test cook and science expert for America’s Test Kitchen and the host of the popular YouTube series What’s Eating Dan? He is also a regular contributor to the public radio program The Splendid Table. Dan has contributed content to a dozen America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks, including the New York Times best seller The Science of Good Cooking and Cook’s Science. Dan cut his culinary teeth as an apprentice in Hungary before graduating first in his class from the Culinary Institute of America. After cooking in restaurants in New York City and Boston, however, he found his true calling: helping people make great food.

Enter to win one of three prize packs featuring these three books in each!

ATK Special_Prize Pack form

The longest-running and most successful cooking show on public television has reached a remarkable milestone after 20 years on the air. Own this giftable and gorgeous collection of the very best recipes from the show that helps home cooks succeed by demonstrating the best cooking techniques and why great recipes work. More than 500 recipes are included from the shows’ 500+ episodes, along with every recipe from the show’s 20th season beginning in January. You’ll also get a first-ever behind-the-scenes look at its beloved cast members and special features such as “Top 20 Lists” with Jack Bishop’s favorite flavor boosters and equipment expert Lisa McManus’s must-have kitchen gadgets.

Cakes are the all-occasion dessert—the center of attention at birthdays, holiday celebrations, and dinner parties and the most welcome brunch, after-school, or teatime snack. America’s Test Kitchen’s first all-cake cookbook, The Perfect Cake, is the definitive guide to any cake you crave, from classic anytime Pound Cake (“The recipe is genius and worth the price of the book.” —The Wall Street Journal) to a stunning and impressive Blueberry Jam Cake with brilliant ombré frosting. In addition to foolproof recipes are features that make towering 24-layer Hazelnut- Chocolate Crêpe Cake as approachable as Applesauce Snack Cake. Sidebars include step-by-step photography for cakes with more advanced techniques like piping the ribbons of frosting that help give beautiful Rhubarb Ribbon Cake its name. Our years of test kitchen knowledge on the art and science of baking cakes provide all the tips and tricks you need for executing perfect cakes every time.

Cocktail making is part art and part science—just like cooking. The first-ever cocktail book from America’s most-trusted test kitchen includes essential, canonical classics; twists on old favorites; and brand-new test kitchen creations. The recipes are organized by technique (stirring, shaking, muddling, blending, and more), with plenty of recipe step photos to light your way. For those who love a great DIY project, we offer up superior versions of vermouths, liqueurs, bitters, flavored syrups, and garnishes. Best of all, we’ve solved practical challenges such as how to make a wide array of cocktails without buying lots of obscure bottles or specialty equipment. Also packed inside: recipes for heavenly snacks to serve alongside cocktails. Perfect for beginners and more experienced cocktail builders alike, this handsome hardcover book with beautiful photography makes a great gift (for yourself and your cocktail-loving friends).

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