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Aug. 14, 2013: Comptroller DiNapoli, Gov. Paterson, farmer fights back

Should State Government have the ability to use revenue from an authority for purposes that aren’t related to the authority’s mission? Comptroller DiNapoli doesn’t think so. He issued a report last week critical of the governor and legislature for using revenue from the New York Power Authority to fill holes in the budget while New Yorkers pay some of the highest electric rates in the nation. Comptroller Tom DiNapoli discusses the report as well as his office’s municipal early warning system in light of Detroit’s bankruptcy.

Former Gov. David Paterson overhauled the state’s Rockefeller drug laws in 2009. A year later he signed legislation prohibiting the electronic retention of personal information of individuals who are stopped, questioned and frisked by police. He shares his views on the current stop and frisk controversy.

Imagine if the government and a multi-national corporation took a portion of your property by eminent domain – and didn’t tell you it was going to happen? Farmer Marie Krenzer and her family are living through this nightmare scenario. She joins us to share a saga that we are dubbing “The Family Krenzer vs. the Utility Industrial Complex.”

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