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Aug. 2, 2016: Best-of Episode

Best-of Episode from June 21, 2016
No group has argued more aggressively for the restoration of CFE funding than the Alliance for Quality Education. And the Alliance continued that rallying cry on Monday when it released a report showing that the funding for high needs schools has gone off the rails. AQE Executive Director Billy Easton joined us to explain what that means.

We heard insurance plans’ reactions to the state’s heroin and opioid legislation from Paul Macielak, President and CEO of the Health Plan Association of NYS.

Plus advocates for NYRA are bristling about the Governor’s decision to keep it under state control for another year. First, we spoke with Todd Shimkus, the President of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce; then Harris Beach attorney Karl Sleight, who heads up the firm’s racing and gaming team.

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