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Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Kathy Hochul defends record on ‘The Capitol Pressroom’

Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Kathy Hochul spoke with WCNY’s Susan Arbetter today on The Capitol Pressroom, hours after the New York Times endorsed Hochul’s opponent Timothy Wu in next month’s Democratic primary.

Susan Arbetter: I want to ask you about some of the “troubling votes” that the New York Times mentions. You were a strong supporter of the Second Amendment with the NRA supporting you, which is understandable considering the district you represented at the time. Yet, you now support the SAFE Act. How do you reconcile both positions?

Kathy Hochul: Susan, I ask people how they view those as inconsistent…Upstate people want to make sure that they still have the right to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to have target practice at shooting ranges, they want to be able to hunt, and it is a phenomenon here. The Safe Act is not inconsistent with the access to the guns that I just spoke about. What the SAFE Act does is it gets at something that I believe every reasonable gun owner wants to makes sure occurs: that guns do not get in the hands of mentally ill people, they don’t get in the hands of criminals, and we do much more to get illegal guns off the streets in urban areas where they are plaguing our streets and killing our children.

Hochul, the former Buffalo-area congresswoman, is incumbent New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s running mate for the upcoming November elections. Cuomo chose Hochul to succeed current Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy, who has chosen not to seek re-election.

Wu, a Columbia University professor, is a political newcomber. The Times endorsed Wu over Hochul, sighting Wu’s intention to be an independent advocate for voters and Hochul’s less-than-progressive record on matters such as gun control and immigration and her votes while a representative in the House of Representatives against the Affordable Care Act.

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