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Bright by Text Delivers Developmental Games and Tips Right to Parents’ Cell Phones for Free

Through a Ready To Learn grant, WCNY has teamed up with Bright by Text to bring the texting program to the Central New York community! The program offers parents and caregivers expert tips and resources for children prenatal to 8 right at their fingertips.

Did you know that in the early years a child’s brain is developing at a faster rate than it will at any other point in their life? The interactions that a child has with adult caregivers at this stage of their life set the foundation on which all later learning, behavior, and health depends.

Bright by Text helps parents and caregivers (grandparents, too!) make the most out of these interactions by illustrating fun and easy activities, providing positive parenting tips and resources, tips for aiding a child’s physical development, and much more. The program is proven to build nurturing caregiver-child relationships, and positively impact a child’s healthy development and school readiness.

In addition to expert content, Bright by Text includes messages about events and resources specific to the CNY community, like free museum days, health clinics, and preschool open enrollment periods.

To sign up, parents and caregivers with children under 8 can text the word TRUSTED to 274448*. They will receive 2 to 5 text messages per week, and each message includes a link to a landing page with more detail, short modeling videos, and links to related resources.

To sign up, parents and caregivers with children from newborn to age 8 can text the word TRUSTED to 274448. They will receive 2 to 8 text messages per week, and each message includes a link to a landing page with more detail, short modeling videos, and links to related resources.

Bright by Text Testimonial

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I am so glad to have discovered this fountain of wisdom! As a new parent, I often lacked confidence in my parenting skills or was ambivalent in which trends to follow. With the advice that BrightByText brings, I know that I am providing my child with stimulating and fun activities. The tips and info given come from experts which makes it foolproof. I like the simple yet effective tasks that can be done on the go and with minimal materials. Because the biggest brain growth occurs in the first 3 years of a child’s life, this program is invaluable! The activities also provide excellent opportunities for bonding with the child for all caregivers involved. Thank you for creating such wonderful experiences.
Katya, Parent, Brooklyn, NY

“It’s really exciting to have a service like this as a first time parent! There is a ton of information out there, but Bright by Text gives you simple, easy to use, and helpful information that has scientific backing. They’ve done the information sorting for you, and it’s a huge relief for expectant parents,” said Derek, an expectant father and subscriber of Bright by Text.

“There is a lot of information out there for expectant mothers, but it can be hard to know which sources to trust,” said Bright by Three President and CEO Jean McSpadden. “We want parents to have the best research based information right at their fingertips.”

We went from being the station with the lowest number of signups, to the third highest after creating and beginning to air our local on-air message. That was very validating, and encouraging! We’ve also had parents telling library event staff that they came to an event because they heard about it via Bright by Text.
Natali Carrera, Director of Educational Services, ValleyPBS
NGI – Fresno

We’ve been using BBT since it came out I guess about a year and a half or two years ago and we love it, we use it all the time. I love getting little messages on my phone that I know are reliable and backed by science and experts in child development. I love that they don’t interrupt my life that I can look at them when I want to and they’re just friendly reminders of best practices to do with your child. I really like that they’re age appropriate and they grow with your child because we’re always getting new hints and tips that are relevant for the ages and stages that our children are in. The thing I like the most is that you don’t feel alone on the parenting journey. A lot of time moms and dads are kind of on their own in the best ways that we can raise our children and it feels like you have a friend who is texting you with advice and little videos. Bright by Text has immensely improved our parenting and engagement with our children and we just love it.
BBT Parent Westminster, CO

I use BBT with my new guy who is 2 months old. I have 2 older boys 6 and 12 and so it’s been really helpful to remind me of all the things that are important when you have a newborn, what they’re learning and where they are in their brain development. I use it every week, sometimes I click through the link, sometimes I don’t, but every week I find something useful and it definitely has made a difference for us already.
BBT parent Boulder, CO

One of the things that we really like about is Bright by Text offers information geared to the age of your child or in our case based on the due date for our son. It’s great for a first time parent like myself, there’s a lot of information out there and it’s easy to be nervous as a prospective parent. Sorting through all of this information, what’s a reliable source and what’s not, is really difficult. Bright by Text is really nice because it allows us to easily digest information that has been vetted by a reliable organization.
BBT parent Westminster, CO

Bright by Text messages:
– provide developmental education and guidance based on the expected birthdate or age of a child up to 8
– synthesize content curated from partners such as Bright by Three, PBS, Vroom, and Sesame Street
– deliver relevant information about local resources and events where community partners exist
– link to a landing page with more learning materials including short modeling videos and related books
– are guided by a Content Advisory Board comprised of early childhood experts
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