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Senate Republican Campaign Committee capitulates, Gov. Cuomo responds on ‘The Capitol Pressroom’

“When you fight these subpoenas, it sounds like you have something to hide,” Gov. Cuomo said on WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom Nov. 27.

Cuomo joined host Susan Arbetter to react to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee’s (SRCC) announcement that it would withdraw its motion to quash the Moreland Commission’s subpoena.

The news is part of an ongoing conflict between the Governor’s Moreland Commission, which is charged with investigating possible public corruption, and the Legislature, which claims the commission is overstepping its constitutional authority.

Cuomo stated that the SRCC’s withdrawal of its motion to quash invalidates legislators’ earlier argument, saying on the radio, “[It] makes a mockery of theory of the separation of powers.” But Senate Republicans quickly responded to the news by issuing a statement saying the SRCC’s decision to comply only came after the Commission narrowed the scope of its request.

The Moreland Commission’s report is scheduled to be released early next week.

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