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The Connect Card App provides the latest information about local restaurants, wineries, and attractions included in the WCNY Connect Card member benefit program.

With the app, you can see the most current list of Connect Card offerings and a detailed description for each provider, including specific benefits such as 2-for-1 dining or admissions discounts.

The app also allows you to sort the listings and find those closest to your location and then redeem the benefits right in the app! The listings will be updated whenever you open the app, as long as your device is connected to the internet.

Download the app to get the most enjoyment from your Connect Card discounts. Not a member? Visit to become a member and get a Connect Card for yourself!

Download iOS Version   Download Android Version



Redeem Your Benefits Right from the App!

Beginning Sept. 7, you can redeem benefits right through the Connect Card App. No more physical card or benefit brochure needed!

Just open the app, login, tap the Redeem button, or browse for the benefits you’d like to use.


Members: You can start using the new Connect Card App in place of the physical card by simply logging into the app and selecting “confirm.” This confirmation alerts us that you have opted in to using the app, instead of the physical Connect Card.


For more information or questions, contact the WCNY Membership Team at (315) 385-7312.

For questions or to learn more information, contact the WCNY Membership Team at (315) 385-7312 or submit a question in the form below!

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