Capitol Pressroom

Jan. 30, 2015: Ashley Hupfl, Jessica Bakeman and Nick Reisman, Asm. Sean Ryan, Asm. Joseph Lentol, Bob Antonacci

Ashley Hupfl, City & State Albany reporter, shares this week’s Winners and Losers.

Reporters Jessica Bakeman, Capital New York, and Nick Reisman, Time Warner Cable News, weigh in on the race for Speaker in the Assembly and the vocal opposition to Governor Cuomo’s education reform proposals.

Yesterday, Assembly Democratic Conference Members sent a letter to the candidates for Speaker asking for more transparency and member involvement. Asm. Sean Ryan (D – Buffalo) discusses the reforms members would like to see. Asm. Joe Lentol (D – Brooklyn) dropped out of the race for Assembly Speaker late yesterday afternoon. Asm. Lentol discusses the wide support Asm. Heastie is quickly securing.

Onondaga Comptroller Bob Antonacci looks at Governor Cuomo’s budget, the state’s infrastructure needs and the future of campaign finance in New York State.

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