Capitol Pressroom

March 5, 2015: James Merriman, Dave Jenkins, teacher certification controversy, John Wikiera

James Merriman, CEO at the NYC Charter School Center, looks at the success and the goals of yesterday’s massive charter school rally at The Capitol.

David Jenkins, President of CSEA Local 449, represents state workers who work with the developmentally disabled. In contrast to the assertions of Michael Carey, an advocate for the developmentally disabled, Jenkins says the only rampant abuse in the state care system is the overtime he claims is covered up by OPWDD.

The controversial new state teacher certification process affected many teacher candidates in New York last year. Now United University Professions wants the state to reform the process to avoid putting candidates in a no-win situation. UUP President Fred Kowal and Bobby Fatone, a 2014 Brockport teacher education graduate, explain the call to action.

John Wikiera, Chair of the CNY HIV Care Network, says Governor Cuomo’s plan to redirect federal 340b funds, a program that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs at significantly lower costs, could eliminate services for those with HIV and other chronic conditions, as well as shut down programs, pharmacies and services around the state.

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