Capitol Pressroom

March 30, 2015: Asm. Brindisi, Ron Deutsch and Robert McKeon, Karen Magee, Stephen Ferrara

Late on Sunday night, the Legislature and the Governor worked out a final budget deal. The deal includes compromises on the Governor’s original ethics and education proposals, but does not include hot ticket items like the DREAM Act, the Education Investment Tax Credit, minimum wage, or criminal justice reforms. Today, we’ll hear what legislators and advocates have to say about the budget agreement.

First, Asm. Anthony Brindisi (D – Utica) weighs in on the ethics and education reforms, as well as the $1.5 billion Upstate Revitalization Fund.

Robert McKeon, the Director of TREND NY and Ron Deutsch, the Executive Director of Fiscal Policy Institute, are disappointed that the budget does not include a circuit breaker for property tax relief. They’ll explain their objections to the final budget.

One of the education reforms included in the budge is that the task of developing teacher evaluations will fall to the State Education Department. Karen Magee, the president of NYSUT, looks at how this education reform compromise and others played out in the budget process.

Stephen Ferrara, the Executive Director of the Nurse Practitioners Association, discusses how the passage of the Modernization Act last year will help nurse practitioners ease the burden of the primary care physician shortage.

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