Capitol Pressroom

April 16, 2015: Business Council, Mike Long, Mark Dunlea, Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky

Yesterday, we heard the argument against LLC campaign contributions laws. Today, we hear the argument for the laws from Ken Pokalsky, the Vice President of Government Affairs for The Business Council of NYS. The Board of Elections is scheduled to discuss the issue today.

In an unlikely alliance, the Conservative Party has joined progressive groups like the Working Families Party and the Fiscal Policy Institute to oppose Start-Up NY, which creates tax-free zones around college campuses for new businesses coming to New York. Mike Long, the Chairman of the Conservative Party of New York, explains the Party’s opposition to the program.

Some environmental groups are calling for 100% renewable energy by 2030. Mark Dunlea, the Chairperson of the Green Education and Legal Fund, discusses plans to reach that goal.

Benjamin M. Lawsky, the Superintendent of the NYS Department of Financial Services, gives us an overview of captive reinsurance, some sleight of hand in the life insurance industry that happens in many states.

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