Capitol Pressroom

May 19, 2014: Rob Astorino and Chris Moss, postpartum depression, Ryan Karben, NYSOA

The Republican picks for governor and lieutenant governor, Rob Astorino and Chris Moss, discuss education and the state’s business climate.Senator

Liz Krueger, as well as Karen and Deb Wachenheim, who lost their family member, Cindy, last year, are once again pushing for postpartum depression legislation.

Religious leaders from Rockland County want the governor to intervene in a fight with Hasidim, who sits on the board of East Ramapo public schools. It’s a touchy topic: According to former Assemblyman Ryan Karben, who will join us today, the leaders allege the Yeshiva parents who serve on the school board are shifting funds from the predominantly minority school system to Jewish religious schools.

Optometrists Christopher Colburn, President of the New York State Optometric Association, and Dawn Chivers, Vice President of NYSOA, argue for the right to prescribe and administer oral medications


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