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May 19, 2015: Sen. Joseph Griffo, Yonkers School District, “high performance” classrooms, County Executive Ossenfort

Sen. Joseph Griffo (R -Rome), the Chair of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee provides an update on the Indian Point clean-up and previews Wednesday’s REV hearing.

The Yonkers School District is facing over 200 staff layoffs. About 1,000 students, parents and teachers from Yonkers will rally at the Capitol today to demand a special funding appropriation for the district. We will speak with Patricia Puleo, President of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers, and Superintendent Michael Yazurlo about the budget crisis.

Remember the constitutional amendment on last November’s ballot that allocated up to $2 billion dollars for educational technology and infrastructure in New York? Several groups want to invest the money in healthy, “high performance” classrooms. We’ll speak with William Orr, the executive director of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, and Claire Barnett, the executive director and founder of Healthy Schools Network, Inc., about how New York can create ideal learning environments.

Finally, we’ll speak with Matthew Ossenfort, the Montgomery County Executive, about the Power NY Coalition, a group of elected officials, community members and businessmen that are pushing to upgrade the state’s energy transmission system so consumers can have better access to affordable energy.

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