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May 26, 2014: Best-of edition. Richard Ravitch, remembering Attica

Best-of .

Former Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch.  He has written a new memoir titled, “So Much to Do: A Full Life of Business, Politics & Confronting Fiscal Crises”.  We spoke with him about his long career.

THEN… State Supreme Court Justice Patrick NeMoyer recently agreed to a partial release of the Attica records known as Volumes II and III of the Meyer Report:  Specifically, he granted access to all portions not related to grand jury testimony.   Not everyone is happy about that decision.  Coming up on the show, we will hear an interview with two staff attorneys for Attica Brothers Legal Defense, Elizabeth Fink and Joseph Heath, as well as Mike Smith, a guard who was taken hostage and subsequently wounded by police fire.  All three are pushing for the complete release of documents relating to Attica and its aftermath.

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