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Aug. 8, 2014: Empire Center, Asm. Jeffrey Dinowitz, remembering Attica

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In a 6 to 0 decision, the New York State Court of Appeals reversed several lower court rulings this week when it decided the names of government pensioners may be made public. It’s a big win for the Empire Center for New York State Policy. Executive Director of the center Timothy Hoefer joins us with details.Original air date: 5/8/14

National Popular Vote legislation has been signed by Governor Cuomo, making New York the 11th state to join the compact. Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D – Bronx) discusses the significance of the measure and what comes next. Original air date: 4/17/14

It is still the bloodiest prison uprising in US history. The 1971 rebellion by inmates of the Attica Correctional Institution saw corrections officers taken hostage, failed negotiations with state officials, and the state police and national guard called in by Governor Nelson Rockefeller – a decision that lead to the deaths of 43 people including 10 hostages. In April, state Supreme Court Justice Patrick MeMoyer agreed to a partial release of the Attica records: all portions not related to the grand jury testimony. Today my guests, including 2 staff attorneys for the Attica Brothers Legal Defense Elizabeth Fink and Joseph Heath, as well as Mike Smith, a guard who was taken hostage and subsequently wounded by police fire, discuss what they think of the ruling, and why they’re pushing for more. Original air date: 5/8/14

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