Capitol Pressroom

Aug. 20, 2014: Commissioner King, Quinnipiac poll, “Here One Day” documentary, Larry Levy

State Ed. Commission Dr. John King discusses the 3 – 8 test scores that were released last week.

Maurice Carroll Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac Poll joins us with results from the latest Q poll.

After a decades-long struggle with bipolar disorder, Nina Leichter, a sixty-three year old mother of two, committed suicide by jumping out of a window. Being the wife of New York State Senator Franz Leichter, her death was reported on the radio, in newspapers, and on television. Her daughter Kathy Leichter picked up where coverage in the mainstream press left off with a film titled “Here One Day,” which has been featured at several film festivals. Filmmaker Kathy Leichter discusses the project.

The explosion of racial tension in Ferguson, Missouri is something officials in New York State’s changing suburbs should be paying close attention to. We will discuss what happens when a predominantly white police force is policing a predominantly black community with Larry Levy, Executive Dean of the National Center of Suburban Studies at Hofstra and former award-winning journalist at Newsday.

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