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Dec. 19, 2016: Electoral College, Millennial Unemployment, AMS pulls out of Nano Utica

Today Democratic Electors met in Albany to cast their vote at noon in the Electoral College presidential vote. We host reporter Chris Baker on the significance the event. Later in the program, we will speak with Asm. Jeffrey Dinowitz (D – Bronx) about his just-passed bill making the National Popular Vote Compact permanent in New York State. This compact has been enacted through legislation in 10 states and the District of Columbia.

Kevin Stump, the Northeast Director of Young Invincibles, explained a report on high young adult unemployment in New York State.

The Nano Utica project suffered a major setback on Friday when the semiconductor company AMS announced it was pulling out of the project. We hosted Utica-area legislators Sen. Joseph Griffo (R – Rome) and Asm. Anthony Brindisi (D – Utica) on today’s show for their reaction and plan going forward.

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