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Dec. 2, 2013: Bruce Gyory, 5 cents a bag, Billy Easton, Richard Brodsky

An oversight by New York’s new mayor-elect has led Bruce Gyory to wonder about the evolving role ethnic politics plays in New York. The Political Strategist at Corning Place & Adjunct Professor of Political Science at UAlbany joins us.

If it helped protect the environment, would you have paid a nickel each for all the plastic shopping bags you received during your shopping trips this past weekend? Several environmental groups are pressuring Governor Cuomo to include a provision in his executive budget that would add a 5-cent charge for every bag you get in check-out lines at places like Price Chopper and Macy’s. Saima Anjam of Environmental Advocates of New York and Bill Cooke of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment explain the logic behind the idea.

Billy Easton of the Alliance for Quality Education is very unhappy with the state of education policy in New York and he isn’t shy about telling us why.

Former Assemblyman & current Demos and Wagner School Fellow Richard Brodsky holds forth on his latest column in the Albany Times Union

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