Capitol Pressroom

Dec. 24, 2013: Jonathan Gradess, WWARC

The 6th Amendment right to counsel is at issue in a long-standing case called Hurrell-Harring v. New York. The suit alleges New York’s public defense system is inadequate to ensure the constitutional right to counsel. The case has been wending its way through the state’s legal system for years, but last week 2 rulings by Judge Eugene Devine both move the case forward and present some thorny legal issues. Jonathan Gradess, Executive Director of the New York State Defenders Association has been following Hurrell since its inception. He will explain the rulings and share his concerns.

Warren, Washington and Albany Counties ARC (WWARC) is in the planning stages of a community kitchen and cafeteria project at its headquarters in Queensbury. The project is partly funded by state economic development grants. What is unusual about the project is that it will work with farmers to create jobs and provide a commissary for its employees, allowing them to purchase healthy food at a discount. Jennifer McCullough, Senior Director of Public Relations & Development for the organization as well as Peter Guidarelli, Director of Grants, Government Relations join us to outline the project’s multiple goals.

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