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Dec. 6, 2013: Remembering Nelson Mandela, Reporters, PEF’s Susan Kent

Civil rights leader Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid champion, Nobel Peace prize winner and South Africa’s first Black President has died. Mandela looked apartheid in the face and didn’t blink. When will the world see the likes of Nelson Mandela again? What can today’s political leaders learn from his courage? Today we explore the legacy of Nelson Mandela with Albany Law School Dean Penelope “Penny” Andrews, who lived under apartheid. She is co-editor of The Post Apartheid Constitutions: Perspectives on South Africa’s Basic Law, the foreword to which was written by Nelson Mandela.

The AP’s Mike Gormley and the Daily News’ Bill Hammond share their analysis of the political news of the week.

President of the Public Employees Federation (PEF) Susan Kent discusses a judge’s ruling in Detroit that states public pensions may be used in bankruptcy negotiations.

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