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Winter is a great time for reading and letting the imagination soar. Talented young students (grades 1-4) were encouraged to write and illustrate stories for this contest. Parents, teachers, libraries, and after-school programs were invited to make Treehouse Tales an enjoyable winter project.

The 10th annual Treehouse Tales Young Writers & Illustrators contest award winners were announced March 25 at WCNY.

View The Winning Entries

  • Lila_800
    Lila, Grade 4, 1st place
  • Surin_800
    Surin, Grade 1, 1st place
  • Turner_800
    Turner, Grade 3, 1st place
  • Madelyn_800
    Madelyn, Grade 2, 1st place
  • Mathias_800
    Mathias, Grade 4, 2nd place
  • Isabella_800
    Isabella, Grade 3, 2nd place
  • Sahana_800
    Sahana, Grade 1, 2nd place
  • Kalli_800
    Kalli, Grade 3, 2nd place
  • Hannah_800
    Hannah, Grade 2, 2nd place
  • Tommy_800
    Tommy, Grade 3, 3rd place
  • Chloe_800
    Chloe, Grade 4, 3rd place

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*Please note, the entry period for Treehouse Tales 2015 is closed.*


1) Eligibility

  • Entrants must be in first, second, third, or fourth grade.
  • One entry per person of original work solely created by the entrant.
  • Only single author stories qualify (no co-authored stories).
  • Children of WCNY and contest judges are not eligible.

2) Entry Guidelines

  • Entries should include a story or poem plus illustrations.
  • Minimum Word Counts by grade level, including all words in the story (but not the cover page).
    • First Grade: 100 words.
    • Second Grade: 150 words.
    • Third Grade: 200 words.
    • Fourth Grade: 250 words.
  • Maximum Word Count for any grade is 450 words.
  • The entry must be submitted as a hard-copy.  No electronic submittals are permitted.
  • Each entry must include a minimum of five (5) illustrations created solely by the entrant.
  • Text may be integrated into the illustration pages or on separate pages.
  • Text must be printed or typed.  Children who cannot write may dictate their entry to be printed or typed.
  • Entries must be created on one side of 8 ½ “ X 11” sheets of paper (please, nothing should appear on the back of the sheets of paper).
  • Each page must be numbered.
  • Non-English text must be translated on the same page.  The translated text must adhere to the word count.
  • Each story must have a title page with title and FIRST NAME ONLY of author.  (no last names, please)
  • Each entry’s pages may be paper-clipped together.  Please do not use staples, adhesives or pre-formed blank storybooks.
  • Any failure to adhere to contest rules, including format specifications, may be disqualified.
  • WCNY is not responsible for late, lost, stolen, damaged, incomplete or illegible entries or postage-due mail.

3) Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged on:

  • Originality
  • Creative expression
  • Storytelling
  • Illustrations
  • Overall impressions, and
  • Adherence to the contest rules.

4) Sending Story & Art to WCNY

  • Each entry must be accompanied by the WCNY Treehouse Tales Writers & Illustrators Contest Entry Form with the required signature of a parent/guardian that attests that the story and illustrations are original and that all rights to the entry have been granted to WCNY.
  • The entry form must be complete and legible.
  • WCNY will make every effort, but is not required, to return entries only if accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Entries must be postmarked by March 2, 2015.


WCNY Treehouse Tales Contest

415 W. Fayette Street

Syracuse, NY 13204

The entry period for this year’s contest is closed. 


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