Capitol Pressroom

Feb. 10, 2016: Speaker Heastie, Fred Kowal, Onondaga Lake, Bruce Gyory

In a pre-taped interview about his new tax plan, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told Susan the economic inequity being experienced by the poor and middle class should be “acknowledged”.

We will speak with Fred Kowal, the president of United University Professions, about a call to increase state funding for SUNY.

The Onondaga Nation is furious that a sand cap to seal-in toxins on the bottom of Onondaga Lake has had three failures since 2012, and that they had to file a FOIL request to find out about the failures. Onondaga Nation attorney Joe Heath and Alma Lowry, an environmental attorney working with the Nation will join us with their questions and their concerns.

Bruce Gyory of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, analyzes the results of the New Hampshire primary and what they could mean for New York.

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