Capitol Pressroom

Feb. 2, 2016: NYSAC, Charter Advocacy Day, Fostering Youth Success Alliance, Quebec General Delegate

The New York State Association of Counties Legislative Conference is taking place this week in Albany. This morning we will speak with NYSAC executive director Stephen Acqaurio and president William Cherry about initiatives county leaders want enacted to reduce the mandate burden and help lower property taxes.

It’s Charter Advocacy Day at the Capitol. James Merriman CEO of the NYC Charter School Center, and Kyle Rosenkrans, CEO of the Northeast Charter Schools Network, will join Susan to preview the event.

We will discuss expanding opportunities for foster youth with Jessica Maxwell, the Fostering Youth Success Alliance Coordinator, and Betsy Weiner, 22 year-old student attending SUNY New Paltz who was a foster youth for ten years.

We will welcome Québec General Delegate Jean-Claude Lauzon to explain trade and energy initiatives between Québec and New York.

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