Capitol Pressroom

Feb. 21, 2017: Arguments in favor of Upstate nuclear subsidies

The energy journal Platt’s described New York State’s plan to subsidize nuclear power in New York as a possible “ground zero” in the country’s battle to combat climate change. On today’s Capitol Pressroom, we explore both sides in the debate over nuclear power subsidies in the state: Is the plan an $8 billion dollar public bailout of the FitzPatrick, Ginna and Nine Mile point nuclear plants? Is the Governor’s Clean Energy Standard too aggressive? Or is this a transaction that will save 7 billion kilowatt hours of carbon-free electricity a year; $500 million for the regional economy, and over 1,500 indirect jobs? We hear both sides of the issue today.

First, Asm. Will Barclay (R – Pulaski), who represents the district where the plant is located, explained why he championed the FitzPatrick deal.

Phil Wilcox, the Business Representative of IBEW Local 97, a union that represents many of FitzPatrick workers, also made the point that the plant saves jobs, helps the local economy and the state’s energy future.

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