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North Words: A More Accurate NYS Forecast

What is it that makes the North Country so special? From North Creek to South Colton, from Old Forge to New Bremen, host Mitch Teich brings you interviews, on-site recordings, and special features that remind us what makes the region a special. WCNY Community FM is pleased to present North Words, from our colleagues at North Country Public Radio.

In this episode, Ken Tingley, the former longtime editor of the Glens Falls Post-Star, talks about his first-hand view of the decline of the American newspaper and the challenge it poses to communities like his. It’s the subject of his latest book, The Last American Newspaper. Later, how a program called New York State Mesonet is connecting forecasters with more accurate, real-time weather data from around New York State. And ahead of two concerts with the Orchestra of Northern New York, musician Charles Guy wants to change how we think of the tuba.

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