WCNY is a contributor to Detroit Public Television’s Great Lakes Bureau, The site shares stories about the unique culture and history of the Great Lakes basin as well as the business activities and recreational opportunities found in Great Lakes communities. GreatLakesNow also explores important issues affecting the region, from environmental threats to funding cuts. WCNY’s first story funded by GreatLakesNow, is part of an episode called Pipelines, Plastics and Parks. The episode looks at the fight over an oil-and-gas pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac that went to the courts, and how microplastics were detected in waters around the Great Lakes region, including Lake Ontario. The newest U.S. National Park on Lake Michigan’s shoreline means increased visitors but not necessarily more protection against erosion, contaminants and native plant loss. Learn more about all these threats to our freshwater system in the fourth episode of the GreatLakesNow monthly show, found here at: You can also find additional episodes and other digital content at

With relevant and original news and information about the Great Lakes, Detroit Public Television’s new magazine-style series will offer segments created by stations like WCNY and  relevant to public television audiences throughout the basin, both in the United States and Canada. WCNY is broadcasting these monthly programs on Sundays. The current WCNY broadcast schedule for the monthly series is:

Sunday, 9/1 at 6 pm

Sunday, 9/29 at 6 pm

Sunday, 10/27 at 6 pm

Sunday, 11/24 at 6 pm

Sunday, 12/29 at 6 pm

Sunday, 1/26/20 at 6 pm

Sunday, 2/23/20 at 6 pm

Sunday, 3/29/20 at 6 pm

WCNY’s Microplastics segment, produced for GreatLakesNow, can be viewed below: