Seven Habits for Success Seven Habits for Success



Robert J. Daino:
My Seven Habits/Approaches for Success

  1. THERE ARE NO RULES: When faced with a personal or business issue, determine the absolute optimal solution firstThen, and only then, apply any constraints that you may have such as financial, schedule, political, resource, etc. “Shake it up” and what falls out will be the best solution you can hope for to which you should “run like hell” and don’t look back making adjustments as you move. If you don’t, bureaucracy will get the best of you!
  2. LEVERAGE COLLABORATION: Err on the side of OVER COMMUNICATIONShare and participate openly and freely with those around you, encouraging and demanding free and open idea sharing. Everyone is fair game to collaborate with – including your customer. Collaboration leads to the best solution!!!
  3. NEVER ASSUME – “PULL THE STRING”: It is imperative to always “peel back the onion.”  Always perform a sanity check to ensure that decisions are determined on “facts” not someone’s strong “opinions.”  Taking the time upfront results in less impact and better decisions than reacting on the back end. Additionally, this tactic avoids becoming stale since questions lead to new approaches based upon “There are no rules.” “Pulling the string” results in higher quality and happier customers and better run organizations.
  4. SETTLE FOR ONLY THE BEST PEOPLE: The only way to be GREAT is to have GREAT people. Good people create Good companies, GREAT people build GREAT companiesAnd “A” players want to be with “A” players and will drive “B” players to be “A” players while helping “C” players to find something else that meets their capabilities. Don’t fill a position just to get a warm breathing body but rather live with the pain of the opening until you find that GREAT solution. The old adage that “People are your most important asset is wrong.” It should say “The RIGHT people are your most important asset!”
  5. EMBRACE CHANGE AND RAISE THE BAR: The ONLY constant is “change” which is absolutely essential for GROWTH. Comfort zones must be eliminated by stretch goals to induce change that leads to growthEncourage, embrace, and support people to step outside the comfort zone for their own personal growth as well as that of the company’s. Stay fresh and revalidate decisions when you don’t have to which leads to change and growth. Bottom line: be fearless and relentless as you pursue growth!
  6. LISTEN/LEARN/APPLY: Take on new challenges to which you can achieve success by listening intently, truly learning, and then, and only then, apply what you have learned leading to success. Listening is essential – but be very careful to truly “hear” what is being said. Learning is the key to growth. Applying new found knowledge propels growth of is not only rewarding and exciting but ensures foundation for continued growth.This principle is the foundation to success!
  7. PUSH THE ENVELOPE BUT DON”T PIERCE IT: Go to the edge but don’t trail blaze if you don’t have to since there are plenty of trail blazers that can have their results leveraged by you. Don’t except the status quo. Question Everything! Leverage your team through collaboration to forge a path to the edge.  Bottom line: Don’t take the path of least resistance; it usually gets you lost.

Bonus Habits:

MAKING A DIFFERENCE:  Work a true eight-hour day, most don’t and you will be a standout. Walk with a purpose and never empty handed no matter where you are going. Trust me people with notice! And, the most important thing you can do is determining the next position you want, don’t ask for it, just start assuming the role. When it becomes available, it will be yours!