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Back-to-School Special from “How God Works”: Can Ancient Wisdom Help Gen Z’s Unhappiness?

WCNY is featuring a new special from the PRX podcast “How God Works: The Science Behind Spirituality”, with host Dave Desteno.

Depression, stress, and anxiety are rising in Gen Z, with studies showing that the teens and twenties are now the most unhappy time of life. That wasn’t always the case. But there’s also a growing sense (with scientific data to back it up) that ancient wisdom offers strategies to help young adults find more joy, peace, and resilience. DeSteno and a panel of experts explore the science behind when and how secular and spiritual practices can be adapted to help young adults (and really any of us) deal with the stresses and loneliness of modern life, whatever our beliefs (including none at all).

How God Works is executive produced by Genevieve Sponsler, who is also a producer at WCNY.

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