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Independence Party ‘not taking sides’ in battle for state Senate

In past years, New York’s Independence Party would throw its weight behind Republican efforts to maintain control of the state Senate.

This year, though, the third party’s chairman doesn’t think that the chamber is up for grabs, noting he can “only deal in reality.”

“We’re not taking sides at this point,” Independence Party Chair Frank MacKay said Friday on The Capitol Pressroom.

“At one point, for a very long time, we wanted there to be a balance in the state, and we wanted the Republicans to maintain the senate majority,” MacKay said. “We’re not saying we wouldn’t want that now, it’s just not realistic. The Democrats are here to stay.”

The controversial party has backed a mix of candidates for the state senate, although the only Democrats to secure the Independence line are incumbents.

“We just hope they do the best job for the people,” MacKay said of the Democratic majorities in both houses of the legislature.

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