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July 19, 2016: Michael Gormley, Brian McMahon, Dr. Paul Finkelman

Newsday’s Albany Correspondent Michael Gormley joins us live with the latest from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

After over 30 years of working on economic development issues in New York State, the executive director of the NYS Economic Development Council has announced he will be stepping down in 2017.   Brian McMahon joins us to discuss the infusion of politics into economic development decisions, as well as why he thinks the state needs to prioritize workforce development.

Who hasn’t occasionally wondered about the Electoral College?  Many Americans view the institution as undemocratic, and here’s another reason to question its existence:  the Electoral College has its roots in the pro-slavery movement.  As the GOP nominating convention in Cleveland continues, we will discuss the origins of our system of electing U.S. Presidents with former Albany Law professor Dr. Paul Finkelman, the Ariel F. Sallows Visiting Professor of Human Rights Law College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan.

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