Capitol Pressroom

June 9, 2016: Brian Mann, Asm. Santabarbara and Supt. Spring, assisted suicide opponents, John Kaehny

There are four days left in the legislative session.

Today, North Country Public Radio’s Brian Mann joined with his analysis of the IG’s report on last year’s dramatic prison break in the North Country.

The O’Mara/Lupardo bill to test for lead at the tap in schools is getting a lot of attention even though it’s still sitting in committee in each house. We spoke with bill co-sponsor Asm. Angelo Santabarbara (D- Schenectady) and Schenectady City Schools Supt. Larry Spring.

We hosted a conversation with three anti assisted suicide activists—Richard Thomas, the Mayor of Mt. Vernon, Michael Burgess, former Director of the Office of the Aging and J. J. Hanson, the President of the Patients Rights Action Fund—who each have different reasons to oppose the bill currently under consideration.

And John Kaehny, executive director of Reinvent New York, weighed in on the Governor’s new effort to crack down on independent expenditure groups.

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