The Electric Company The Electric Company

The Electric Company

The Electric Company provides a hip portal into the world of literacy for children ages 6 – 9. The show is a reinvention of the classic 70’s show and continues its’ predecessor’s aim of being at the edge of cool by using animation, comedic styles, hip music and celebrities of today.

It also features vocabulary, phonics and comprehension of connected text.

In each episode, The Electric Company is called upon to solve a problem created by a group of neighborhood Pranksters. In every instance, the Company prevails with the power of their words.

20130620_game_electcompThe Electric Company’s website provides viewers with interactive  games, videos, apps and more.


  • Play dozens of  games like Basketball Battle, Sandwich Stacker, Word Mangler and more
  • Watch episodes
  • Play The Adventures of The Electric Company on Prankster Planet

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