Capitol Pressroom

May 30, 2017: Plaintiff Arguments in Myers v. Schneiderman

In New York’s court system, plaintiffs have sought the protection of doctors to three terminally ill patients if those physicians were to prescribe lethal doses of drugs that their patients could self-ingest. After lower courts dismissed the case, Myers v. Schneiderman, the Court of Appeals – New York’s highest court—will hear oral arguments in Myers today. Today we will hear from a supporter of the plaintiffs and a supporter of the defense. First, Kathryn Tucker, Executive Director of End of Life Liberty Project and co-counsel for the plaintiffs in the case Myers v. Schneiderman, will argue that criminal law does not reach doctors under these circumstances. Then, Adam Prizio, Manager of Government Affairs for the Center for Disability Rights, will argue that allowing the doctors’ protection in these circumstances is a “deadly

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