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New York could crack down on illegal parking in spots for electric vehicles

New Yorkers who park their gas guzzlers in public spots reserved for electric vehicles could soon face repercussions.

Legislation waiting on the governor’s desk would make the advertised restrictions more than just a suggestion, giving them the weight of state law and enforceable by local authorities. The change, which is sponsored by Democratic lawmakers Jen Metzger and Amy Paulin, received bipartisan support in the state legislature. 

Meaningful parking restrictions will ensure electric-vehicle owners will have a place to charge when away from home and incentivize the purchase of more electric vehicles, according to the memorandum accompany the legislation.

When the legislation was introduced last year there were eleven states, including California and Connecticut, which had laws prohibiting gasoline-powered vehicles from using spots for electric vehicles, according to the bill memorandum.

The legislation is supported by Environmental Advocates NY.

“The transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions—if we are going to achieve the goals set by our climate law, we need to do everything we can to encourage electric vehicles,” said Conor Bambrick, the group’s director of climate policy. “That means making sure public charging stations are available and accessible.”

The bill was delivered to the governor on September 25, which means executive action is due by the end of the week.

(Note: This post was updated with the correct name of Environmental Advocates NY.)

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