Capitol Pressroom

Oct. 6, 2015: Comptroller DiNapoli, Save Burden Lake, Dr. Clifton Wharton, Jonathan Gradess

The securities industry is a strong part of New York City’s economy and contributes a great deal to the state and city’s budget. But with global volatility, there may be added risk to the industry. Today, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli reports on how well Wall Street and the securities market is doing given recent economic developments.

Gas pipelines require compressor stations to keep the gas flowing to its final destination, but where they are placed is often a matter of high contention. For the NED pipeline, a compressor station is proposed in Nassau, New York near Burden Lake. Many residents have banded together to voice their concerns, including Terry Nord and Cherisse Young, who are part of the group “Save Burden Lake.”

Dr. Clifton Wharton, author of Privilege and Prejudice: The Life of a Black Pioneer and a former SUNY Chancellor, joins Susan to discuss his autobiography, which highlights the opportunities he had to break glass ceilings in multiple careers.

According to federal mandates, defendants are required to have an attorney in criminal cases. But counties in New York argue the state should have the responsibility of bearing the costs of the services. Jonathan Gradess, executive director of the New York State Defenders Association, explains a growing push for a state takeover of the costs of indigent legal services.

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