Capitol Notes

Potential hiccup for ‘Clean Slate’ bill?

The odds of passing legislation designed to seal criminal records in the final week of the legislative session may have decreased dramatically.

The measure was abruptly pulled from an Assembly Codes Committee agenda on Wednesday afternoon, with committee member Tom Abinanti indicating in the meeting that the bill needed to be amended for “technical” reasons. The Assembly and Senate versions of the bill were amended on Monday, which would have allowed lawmakers to vote on the bill on Thursday, following the ordinary three-day-aging process.

If the bill is amended, it would need a message of necessity from Gov. Andrew Cuomo if lawmakers wanted to pass the bill by the end of the legislative session on Thursday, but this avenue is a longshot considering the strained relations right now between the executive and the Legislature.

If there are changes to the bill, Abinanti, a Westchester County Democrat, said he has “other concerns that might be corrected” and voiced his opposition to the current version of the proposal.

The Senate version of the bill is sitting in the Senate Finance Committee and is not currently scheduled for a committee vote.


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