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Sept. 3, 2013: Susan Lerner…drilling and home rule

The New York Post reported Monday that “senior aides to Gov. Cuomo are increasingly worried that the Moreland Act Commission … is getting out of control.” A Cuomo spokesman told The Capitol Pressroom, “It’s simply not true.” We discuss the Post column as well as Speaker Silver’s hiring of a law firm to represent the Assembly in Moreland matters as reported by the NY Daily News, with the Executive Director of Common Cause, Susan Lerner.

Last week the Court of Appeals announced it would hear the appeals of Norse Energy and Cooperstown Holstein in landmark home rules cases. The plaintiffs, a gas company and a farmer, argue that drilling should be regulated by the DEC, not local towns. The towns being sued, Dryden and Middlefield, say they can ban certain industrial activity, including gas drilling, under zoning laws.

Norse and Cooperstown Holstein have lost in lower court cases.

Attorneys David and Helen Slottje, are founders of the Community Environmental Defense Council, Inc, a non-profit, pro bono, public interest environmental law firm which has advised communities in the state on how to protect themselves against fracking. Helen Slottje joins us.

We also hear from Scott Kurkoski, partner at Levene Gouldin Thompson, LLP who represents Cooperstown Holstein.

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