Capitol Pressroom

Sept. 3, 2015: NYS Catholic Conference, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, Asm. Anthony Brindisi, Aaron Renn

Kathleen Gallagher, New York State Catholic Conference Director of Pro-Life activities, explains Pope Francis’ announcement about abortion and forgiveness and the Catholic Church’s upcoming Holy Year of Mercy.

Chelly Hegan, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Upper Hudson, responds to the recent controversy over funding Planned Parenthood based on the undercover videos, how the groups is garnering support, and whether the controversy could affect affiliates in New York.

On yesterday’s show, attorney and New York State Association for Small City School Districts executive director Bob Biggerstaff gave an update on where the “Small City Schools” case stood. Utica is one of the plaintiff cities on the case looking for more equitable state funding. Today, we speak with Asm. Anthony Brindisi (D – Utica) about how a verdict in favor of the cities could help his district.

There is a puzzling disconnect between workers who can’t find job and jobs that can’t be filled. Aaron M. Renn, a Manhattan Institute Fellow, argues that a main issue in the conundrum is that a large portion of the workforce lacks baseline employability. He argues the decline of social conditions in communities outside the upper middle class plays a role. Renn writes, “Today inclusive economic development is no longer simply a matter of creating jobs or teaching specialized skills. It will increasingly mean confronting thorny social as well as economic problems.”

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