Capitol Pressroom

Sept. 4, 2015: Comptroller DiNapoli, Rose Harvey, Susan Ochshorn

This morning, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli will release the state’s employer contribution rates for the coming year. Last year, Comptroller DiNapoli predicted the average contribution rate for the Employees Retirement System would decrease about nine percent from 20.1 percent of payroll to 18.2 percent of payroll. When the state’s pension fund does well, local governments have to carry less of the burden of pension contributions.

If you’re like many New Yorkers you’ll be spending part of this weekend enjoying one of New York’s parks. We’ll look at this year’s park attendance and available opportunities to explore the state’s beauty with New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner Rose Harvey.

Author Susan Ochsorn discusses her book, Squandering America’s Future: Why ECE Policy Matters for Equality, Our Economy, and Our Children. Ochshorn argues that early education policy drives the nation’s future.

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