Capitol Pressroom

Sept. 9, 2015: Lt. Gov. Hochul, Hedge Clippers, SUNY, E. J. McMahon

Lt. Gov Kathy Hochul joins us to explain New York’s new Affirmative Consent Laws (Yes Means Yes).

Gov. Cuomo traveled to Puerto Rico this week in hopes of understanding and helping the commonwealth with its economic plight. But members of the Hedge Clippers Campaign claim there are hedge fund donors, some of whom have donated to Gov. Cuomo’s campaign, exploiting the Puerto Rican debt crisis. Michael Kink, the executive director of the Strong Economy for All, and Renata Pumarol, the communications and social media director for New Yorkers for Change, discuss why they’re calling on Gov. Cuomo to return money from donors profiting off of the crisis.

We look at SUNY’s new custom “Sexual Assault & Violence Resources” to support victims with SUNY Assistant Counsel Joseph C. Storch.

Last week, we heard from Comptroller DiNapoli about this year’s projected decrease in pension contribution rates. But E.J. McMahon, president and founder of the Empire Center for Public Policy, argues that, based on the Comptroller’s own report, there is a less than 50-50 chance that the Common Retirement Fund will meet Comptroller DiNapoli’s lower goal of 7 percent. McMahon writes, “this decrease in the New York State Employee Retirement System employer costs will be greeted as good news for local governments and taxpayers in the short run–but it’s still being achieved by needlessly shifting financial risks into the future.”

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