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Rainbow Shores

  • Offer:
    Through October 21, 2016, 2-for-1 dinner Tue. – Sun. (Value to $30.00). No breakfast or lunch service. No offer after October 21, 2016.
    As of April 2017 2-for-1 dinner entrée (Sun., Tue., Wed., only) or 2-for-1 breakfast or lunch entrée (Value to $30.00). Breakfast/lunch availability depends on season – call to confirm.
  •  186 S. Rainbow Shores Rd, Pulaski, NY, Oswego County, United States
  • (315) 298-5110
  • Hours: (Open April through October)
    Hours are seasonal. Please call 315-298-5110 to confirm prior to joining us.
  • Rainbow Shores

$$$$ Rainbow Shores is an exclusive restaurant location on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario. With a deep rooted history in the Pulaski area, the Shores has transformed from a bootlegging country club in the early 20th century into a summer dining spot. They offer a unique place to enjoy the beautiful sunset, have an exquisite dinner, and listen to live music. All you can eat crab legs are available on Thursdays and they host a craft beer night on Wednesdays. Be sure to stop in and enjoy the sublime experience Rainbow Shores has to offer.

From The Menu – A Sampler

Seafood Escapade

Shrimp, sea scallop, crab, lobster, and dill mixed in together with linguini and topped with a parmesan cream sauce.

Chicken Penne

Chicken, spinach, tomato, garlic, shallot, fresh herbs, white wine, cream make up a delicious penne dish.

Roasted Chicken Breast

Roasted chicken with fresh herbs, lemon, white wine, a demi-glaze served with red potato mash.

Compound NY Strip

A 12 oz. Black Angus NY strip served with compound butter, and red potato mash.

Gorgonzola Filet Mignon

A 6 oz. Black Angus tenderloin with gorgonzola, red wine, demi-glaze, and russet cheddar cake.

Prosciutto Parmesan

Prosciutto, artichoke, roasted red peppers, tomato, scallion, fresh herbs, a parmesan cream sauce served over penne pasta.