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If I don’t participate in Get Connected, do I get the new benefits?

Yes! The new benefits will apply to all members based on their giving level. And, there’s never been a been a better time to upgrade because we are making it as easy as possible by giving you the choice to upgrade incrementally, paying the difference between the old and new levels, or a full upgrade that resets your membership to start immediately and gives you all the new benefits for a full year. (Plus, if you participate you’ll be entered in the Get Connected Sweepstakes!)

Does my current MemberCard still work?

Yes. MemberCards will continue to be honored through their current expiration dates. The new Connect Cards will also be in effect until your renewal.

Why did WCNY switch from the old MemberCard?

WCNY has always wanted to bring the best of what our local region has to offer to our members. Unfortunately, the outside vendor was not fulfilling our expectations and we realized that the only way to achieve our goal was to create our own card. WCNY will continually seek out the best of the best: restaurants, attractions, and other community partners that would enjoy welcoming our members to their establishments. By having our own card, we have also been able to add Select Connect to the cards, conveniently include member ID numbers, process cards faster, and provide member access to delightful pop-up benefits throughout the year.

How can I know what new restaurants have been added to Connect Card?

Five ways: 1) read about it in CONNECT magazine; 2) visit to explore the most up-to-date benefits to your membership; 3) sign up for the WCNY e-guide that will keep you informed of updates to the list and about the great programs on WCNY’s TV and radio channels; 4) use the Connect Card App (currently in development and expected to be available this summer) to explore restaurants and attractions by name, location, or keywords; or 5) call member services at 315-453-2424.

What benefits do restaurants offer through Connect Card? What are the restrictions?

Each restaurant and attraction makes its own offer to Connect Card members. Offers include 2-for-1 entrées or admissions, free or discount specials, etc. Some also place restrictions on how many Connect Cards can be used at once or when they can be used. For instance, most restaurants restrict use of Connect Cards on holidays. Please read the individual description at and on the Connect Card App for complete information.

How do I get the Connect Card app?

Visit WCNY’s MemberSite at to download the app. (The app is currently in development and expected to be available this summer.)

Does my Select Connect membership benefit the organizations I choose?

Yes. Each organization you choose receives a contribution from your membership. In addition, partners receive valuable promotional benefits on our multi-media platforms including TV, radio, print magazine, web, and social media. Plus, these organizations get new members without any overhead expense or effort on their part.

May I continue to choose the same Select Connect organizations next year?

Yes. Second year memberships will be offered at significantly discounted rates through Select Connect. However in many cases there will be a co-pay for the balance of the partner organization’s membership cost.

May I change my Select Connect choices during the year?

Sorry, no. WCNY sends a contribution to the Select Connect partner when you sign up. This cannot be refunded. You may change your Select Connect when you renew your membership or add more Select Connect choices by upgrading your membership at any time.

I’m a monthly giver, when do my Connect Card and Select Connect memberships renew?

For as long as your monthly membership continues, Select Connect and Connect Card both renew annually in January or your anniversary month. You will be sent a Select Connect choice form and a new card each year.

I’m a monthly giver, what happens to my Connect Card and Select Connect memberships if I drop my membership during the year?

Connect Card is offered on an honor system expecting members to enjoy benefits for a full year. We ask anyone who elects to drop their monthly membership during the year to return or destroy their Connect Card. Because we send notifications to our partners regularly on the status of memberships, please do not embarrass them by presenting cards that have been invalidated.

When / how can I upgrade my membership to enjoy more benefits?

Upgrade at any time! Simply pay the difference between your current level and the new level, or if you are a monthly member, begin paying the new monthly amount. You will need to contact Member Services, 315-453-2424 to upgrade before your renewal date. You may always upgrade when you renew by selecting the new level of membership.

What are pop-up benefits and how do they work?

WCNY connects members to local businesses that would like to meet new customers. The business will offer a short-term benefit to members such as a 2-for-1 ice cream cone in August, or a free car wash with fill up to the first 100 cardholders. You just need to show your Connect Card to get the benefit. These fun pop-ups can happen at any time so sign up for our e-Guide, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or keep an eye on the Connect Card app to know when these surprise benefits are happening.

What is the Art-Tee?

WCNY will offer a limited edition, summer tee shirt each year featuring the design of a talented local artist who will be featured in CONNECT magazine. The shirt design will be previewed in March for pre-orders through early-April. Delivery will be in time for the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holidays and summer fun for anyone! Members receive a discount, or a free tee, depending on their membership level.

How does the DVD lending library work?

WCNY has a wide selection of PBS and WCNY productions available for members at the Gold and Platinum levels to borrow and enjoy. Contact Member Services 315-453-2424 for the current list of titles or to request a specific production. We will mail the DVD to you with a return label, or you may pick it up at our offices at your convenience.

Tell me more about the PBS NewsHour recognition.

For those special members at the Platinum Producer level, we will express our appreciation on air in November before or after the award winning PBS NewsHour.

What if I lose my Connect Card?

Contact Member Services 315-453-2424 for assistance.

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