WCNY’s World Channel now replaced by GLOBAL CONNECT
Delivering more content from across the globe

WCNY, Central New York’s community owned media organization launched GLOBAL CONNECT, a new TV channel to give WCNY members and viewers broader perspectives of the news of the day and insight into the many cultures of the world. The new channel replaces WCNY’s World Channel.

GLOBAL CONNECT provides live broadcasts from a number of foreign broadcasters and cultural programs that explore aspects of life from a wide mix of countries and cultures. The newscasts include: NHK from Tokyo, France24 from Paris, BBC World News from London, Deutsche Welle from Berlin, CCTV from Beijing and RT (Russia Today) from Moscow. The new channel also includes programming from FNX—First Nations Experience—that offers Native American and World Indigenous Peoples content, helping to build awareness and understanding of indigenous societies and traditions. Other sources from around the world may be added in the future.

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The channel also gives viewers different perspectives on both international and American events that are not available from any other American broadcaster. While WCNY does not necessarily endorse the views, reporting, or commentary that may be presented by the programming, our intent is to give viewers the opportunity to see how the international media portrays and presents news and events from around the world.

Viewers can now see breaking news as it happens from different sources around the world. Major world breaking events may occasionally pre-empt regularly scheduled programming on this channel so we can provide our viewers live information as it happens.

In addition to the live newscasts, the new channel’s lineup will include:

  • The Debate: a live debate from Paris on the topic of the day. Topics range from jobless in the digital age, racism, changing leadership in countries, to corruption scandals in government.
  • cool Japan: a look at differences in the way foreigners and Japanese think about actions in public places.
  • Euromaxx: Offering engaging insights into European culture and lifestyles.
  • Indian Pride: Magazine-style series showcasing the history, talent and culture of the 562 American Indian Nations.
  • Doc: Focuses on different aspects of life worldwide, with a wide range of topics from fatherless Filipino children conceived by foreign holidaymakers to China’s Digital Detox camps that combat Internet addiction.
  • great gear: a look at the latest products from a wide range of industries born from unique Japanese ideas and technologies.
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