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Introducing “The D.O.T. P.O.D.”: I-81 Local Hire Initiative

A WCNY Community FM debut: The D.O.T. P.O.D. shares stories from the agency that keeps you moving, the New York State Department of Transportation.

In this episode, the Syracuse I-81 Viaduct Project is one of the largest and most ambitious projects in New York State transportation history. D.O.T. P.O.D. takes a look at who is going to be working on this transformational project. Host Josh Heller is joined by guest host TeNesha Murphy, the Community Liaison and 1-81 Viaduct Project Assistant for NYSDOT as they welcome in NYSDOT’s I-81 Special Assistant Scott Butler, and President of the Urban Jobs Task Force, Deka Dancil. The four discuss the local hire provision that is a part of the I-81 project that strives to educate, train, and ultimately employ local citizens.

They’ll look at how this project and this initiative can have a major and lasting impact on the citizens of Syracuse.

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