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Checkup From the Neck-Up, Episode 19 – All Things ADHD: The Facts!

President of the World Federation of ADHD and Distinguished Professor in the SUNY Upstate Psychiatry Department, Dr. Steve Faraone, talks with “Dr. Neckup” psychologist Rich O’Neill about all things Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. What is ADHD? What causes it? How to diagnose it? Does it affect only kids? Do kids grow out of it? What are the life consequences of not treating it? How is it treated? Do medications work? Can talk therapy and/or behavior therapy be helpful in addition to meds? What are the benefits of treatment? Can you have a successful life if you have ADHD? Dr. Faraone addresses these questions from his own lifetime of research and those of others in this Checkup from the Neck-up, and on his website.

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