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WCNY’s Education Center offers programs for learners of all ages, including Enterprise America, an exciting hands-on co-curricular program for middle-school students. The first of its kind in New York state, the program involves classroom instruction, with teachers using curriculum aligned to state and 21st century learning standards provided by WCNY. Following the completion of classroom study, students embark on the Enterprise America experience, spending a day in WCNY’s Enterprise America city, which they are responsible for operating.

Once in the city, students will apply the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and financial and civic literacy skills they have learned to run the city’s 14 businesses and City Hall. The students become business entrepreneurs and employees, consumers and citizens. They enact laws, elect a mayor and judge and enroll in a health insurance program. The business owners negotiate loans at the bank, while their employees get busy manufacturing products and pricing services including webpage design. Business accountants prepare invoices and pay bills; journalists and photographers write stories and take photos for the city’s online newspaper; and utility company staff conducts model turbine demonstrations and explain alternative energy options to business owners. Students exercise their civic duties by casting votes on city issues on a real voting machine and learn how to manage their money and time.

Students eat their lunches and purchase, with Enterprise America dollars they have earned, healthy snacks in the Enterprise America cafe. They shop in the city’s retail businesses, contribute a portion of their salaries to charity and experience the dangers of texting while driving auto simulators. It’s a business-to-business economy, where each student-run company strives to generate enough revenue to pay off its business loan. Students communicate, collaborate and problem solve. In Enterprise America’s real-world, hands-on learning environment, students do the work, make the decisions and learn what careers may demand of them when they enter the workplace. By putting into practice the skills that 21stcentury businesses expect employees to possess, students realize the importance of staying in school for long-term success. Following the Enterprise America experience, students return to their classrooms where teachers utilize post-experience curriculum to have students write about their job performance, analyze their business operations and calculate and chart survey data. Pre and post program components aid in student assessment. Enterprise America is also an excellent way to engage students in project-based learning.

Enterprise America program enrollment is handled through our partner, OCM BOCES, which also schedules the Enterprise America city visits. Cross-contract participation and statewide Cooperative Services (Co-Ser) assistance is available to eligible schools. Charter schools, private and parochial schools and other schools unable to participate in their local BOCES organization, may still enroll through OCM BOCES. Scholarship aid, based on need and other factors may also be available..

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To enroll in the Enterpise America program, contact OCM BOCES at enterpriseamerica@ocmboces.org or visit www.enterpriseamerica.ocmboces.org.

Charter schools, private and parochial schools and schools unable to participate in their local BOCES, may still enroll through our BOCES partner and could be eligible for scholarship aid, based on need and other factors.

Homeschool Program

Enterprise America offers an exciting one-day program for homeschool students that combines instruction with hands-on learning for middle school students in grades 5-8. At the core of the program, students participate in an authentic, real-world experience in a simulated city. The program also provides a great way for students to meet other homeschoolers from across Central New York.

A minimum of 40 students are needed to reserve a date, with maximum of 75. We suggest parents of homeschoolers work through the homeschool groups in their area (e.g. Loving Education at Home) to organize a group of students to meet the enrollment requirements.

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Oswego County

The Shineman Foundation Program has awarded grant money to WCNY to assist schools in Oswego County that seek funding for tuition and transportation associated with participation in the Enterprise America program. These funds provide financial support to middle school students for the opportunity to experience this highly engaging, hands-on learning program.
Oswego County Enterprise America Scholarship Form

As part of the Enterprise America experience, middle school students work as staff members in Enterprise America’s Web News business to create an online newspaper. Breaking news articles, stories, editorials and advertisements are written and edited, with interviews from Enterprise America citizens.

2016-17 Newspapers


November 02, 2016
Phoenix Middle School
Phoenix Middle School Webnews

December 16, 2016
Ed Smith
Ed Smith – 12/16/16

December 20, 2016
Frazer – 12/20/16

December 08, 2016
Huntington – 12/8/16

December 22, 2016
HW Smith
HW Smith – 12/22/16

December 13, 2016
Lincoln – 12/13/16

2015-16 Newspapers

2014-15 Newspapers

2013-14 Newspapers

Contact Information

For information contact WCNY at (315)453-2424 or fill out the contact form below and a WCNY education staff member will respond promptly to your inquiries as well as keep you up to date on Enterprise America open houses and other events.

For enrollment, contact OCM BOCES at enterpriseamerica@ocmboces.org or visit www.enterpriseamerica.ocmboces.org.

Enterprise America Volunteer Opportunities

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Enterprise America’s Entrepreneurship Day for Children program offers an amazing opportunity for hands-on learning and socialization. This one-day experience provides career exploration and the opportunity to apply knowledge in a real-world setting by operating a 21st century model city. Children build financial skills through banking exercises like check writing and depositing paychecks. They realize the value of teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving as key elements to running a successful business. Classroom preparation is not required.

Open to children, ages 9 to 14

For cost and registration information click here; email enterpriseamerica@wcny.org or call 315-453-2424.


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