Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mitch Gelman – President & CEO

Shannon Hanrahan – VP & Chief Development Officer

Carol Opee-Stelios – Vice President, HR & Administrative Services

John Craddock – Vice President, Engineering

Doug Moreau – Senior Director, TV Production

Sudha Kailar – Director, Business Operations

Amanda Hayden – Director, Creative Services, Communications & Events

Ed Molloy – Director, Underwriting and Corporate Sponsorship

Contact for questions concerning:

Auctions Sara Strong

CONNECT magazine Lauren Easton

Education – Kyla Merriman

Enterprise America Kyla Merriman

Marketing and Public Relations Lauren Easton

Member Services Membership Dept.

HR Carol Opee-Stelios

Radio Programs Ron Lombard

TV Programs Membership Dept.

Underwriting and Corporate Sponsorships Ed Molloy

Website Lauren Easton

Events Events