Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) acts in an advisory capacity and provides a vehicle for effective community input to WCNY about the stations’ programming goals, community service, and the impact on the community from the station’s significant policy decisions. The CAB meets regularly with WCNY representatives to recommend whether programming, public outreach, and other policies of the station are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the Central New York area. The CAB may make recommendations it considers appropriate to meet such needs, and WCNY welcomes feedback and considers new CAB members on a rolling basis.
The CAB meets, at a minimum, twice a year in meetings open to the public at 415 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, NY 13204. The currently scheduled FY20 meeting dates are October 16, 2019, April 15, 2020, and October 14, 2020.

CAB Members

  1. Michael Atkins, Chairman
  2. Tony Baird
  3. David Bottar
  4. Orrin MacMurray
  5. Shawna Papale
  6. Stephen Waldron
  7. Mack Richardson
  8. Dr. Maria Murray, Ph.D.
  9. Gregorio Jimenez

If you are interested in joining the Community Advisory Board, please contact Joanne Bartell at or 315-453-2424.