From Suarez’s Basement – Kimberly Wannop

Emmy Award Winner for HBO’s hit TV show VEEP as Set Decorator; the talented Kimberly Wannop visited The Basement. When asked what a set decorator’s job is, Kim responded: “To [...]

From Suarez’s Basement – Steven Meizler

In this episode, Prof. Francisco Suarez hosts cinematographer Steven Meizler. Co-hosting with his colleague Jacob Dudd, the three talk about Meizlers’ experiences with filming the Queen’s Gambit. He elaborates on [...]

Shadow // Yaddo – Divine Dissonance

Inhabiting the space between two places, forms or cultures and exploring the tensions that dissonance creates: Celebrated author Gish Jen on post-Nixon China, finding humor in heartbreak, and her intuitive [...]

From Suarez’s Basement – Mikkel E.G. Nielsen

For this episode, Professor Francisco Suarez hosts academy award and The British Academy Film Award (BAFTA) 2021 winning best film editor Mikkel E.G Nielsen. Co-hosting with his student Damon Park, [...]

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